Professional Development 2

Posted on March 29th, 2012

Are you one of the 4.8 million Australians living with incontinence? Well you don’t have to put up with it anymore! PhysioCare’s newest team member, Lauren, recently attended a two day course at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital to become a trained continence Physiotherapist. Well renowned women’s health Physiotherapists, Janelle Greitschus and Jenny Nucifora, presented the course material, which covered a variety of pelvic floor issues. There was also a practical component to the course, which included an invaluable introduction to internal pelvic floor examinations as well as the use of diagnostic ultrasound imaging for the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. Lauren was excited to attend her first women’s health course and looks forward to putting her new knowledge and skills into practice. So if you have trouble controlling your bladder or bowel, just call up and book an appointment with Lauren – no doctor’s referral required.

Professional Development

Posted on March 19th, 2012

Amelia has just returned from Sydney after completing the Australian Physiotherapy Association Sports Level One two day course. The course speakers included well renowned sports physiotherapists James Sutherland, Greg Castle, Narelle Veverka, Lauren Cain and specialist sports physiotherapist Mathew Stewart. The speakers spoke of the latest up to date physiotherapy treatment of sporting injuries including those of the shoulder, knee, ankle, head and spine. There was a practical component to the course, which included learning new assessment and treatment techniques, plus sport specific taping of joints commonly injured on the sports field.  Dr Peter Lam, an orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon, presented on the surgical management of ankle injuries, including a discussion on when physiotherapists should refer on for orthopaedic specialist review. Amelia found the course to be very extensive and a well worthwhile experience.

General Practice News

Posted on March 7th, 2012

Once again our clinic is back to its usual amount of Physiotherapists. Amelia has been back since early February following her trip to Japan while John is now starting his second week back since backpacking through Vietnam and Laos.

However it seems that the travel bug is catching, our practice owner and principle Physiotherapist, Katharina, is soon to embark on a holiday to visit family in Germany. Lauren, our newest Physiotherapist, must feel like she taking on someone else’s caseload every second week!

On a work related note we are once again assisting the JCU Physiotherapy students to provide balance classes for senior citizens. Each class is run by the students as a circuit with different activities to challenge strength, endurance and balance. For safety and guidance a qualified Physiotherapist oversees the class and assists the students as required. At present John is supervising at Masonic Aged Care while Amelia is supervising at Garden Settlement Retirement Village.