Thoracic Spine Course

Posted on May 25th, 2012

2 weeks ago John attended a “Thoracic Spine in Sport” course here at JCU Townsville, this was organised by the North Queensland APA branch and was well supported by not only local Physiotherapists but also several out of town participants.

The course was presented by Dr Henry Wajsweiner, a specialist sports Physiotherapist who has a vast amount of experience working in musculoskeletal practice and with athletes in the Australian Institute of Sport. Henry presented an evidence based and highly practical day of assessment and treatment of the thoracic spine.

Henry’s special area of interest is in rowing athletes and particularly the rib stress fractures they are prone to suffering. However his assessment and treatment techniques have proven to be extremely useful in a large amount of conditions. John has since been utilizing these techniques and finds them extremely valuable as an adjunct treatment when working with neck, shoulder and even back pains. The feedback has been entirely positive and John feels these techniques work well in those who suffer from shoulder and thoracic stiffness, particularly those who sit at desks and computers for long periods. The associated home exercises are also simple and effective for maintaining optimal joint mobility throughout the day.