Professional Development News

Posted on April 2nd, 2015

The staff at PhysioCare Townsville are committed to ensuring they assess and treat patients using the latest evidence-based procedures and techniques. To ensure we remain up to date with the latest Evidence-Based Practice, PhysioCare Townsville will be closing at 1pm on the second Friday of every month to allow for Professional Development. Whilst in training, our staff will be unable to attend to phone calls, however if you need to talk to us urgently, please ensure you leave a message and we will return your call before the close of business that day.

In other Professional Development news, Katharina recently attended a 3 day Musculoskeletal Specialist Course – The Complete Upper Quadrant. During the course, Katharina learnt to differentially diagnose contributing mechanisms and impairments in patients presenting with pain in the upper quadrant, with consideration of cervical, neural and shoulder structures. She found the course very interesting and is keen to pass on her new knowledge to the rest of our team during this month’s Professional Development In-service.